Meet Jessica

Jessica is a healthcare communications professional turned stay-at-home mom with two awesome kids - a five-year-old daughter who is a perfect blend of sweet, silly, and sass and a two-year-old son who is a total love bug. Born and raised in the Twin Cities, MN, she spent the past 10 years living in Washington, DC where she met her husband, adopted a dog and had two kiddos. Her family relocated back to the Twin Cities during COVID so they could be closer to extended family. Her pregnancies were challenging, but she is immensely grateful for two happy and healthy children. She loves experimenting with recipes, circuit workouts, and binge watching her favorite shows. 

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Jessica (left) and Megan (right)

Meet Megan 

Megan is a pediatric nurse practitioner and lactation consultant, living in Minneapolis, MN. Like Jessica, she lived in Washington, DC for several years and moved back to Minnesota to be close to family and friends. Megan is the mother of two wonderful children: a sweet but rambunctious three-year-old son and an energetic one-year old daughter. They are a handful (but both wonderful)! While pregnant with her son, she discovered that her husband and she were both genetic carriers of Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome (SLOS), a rare but devastating disease. After their son was born happy and healthy, making decisions about how to grow their family was difficult and painful, but led them to adopt—one of the best decisions they ever made! Megan’s adoption journey opened her mind and heart to the many ways people grow their family. Outside of family, Megan loves running, yoga, and coffee!