The view from your child's eyes

Have you ever felt guilt-ridden about an interaction with your child? Did you try asking them about it? How they feel is often drastically different from how we interpret a situation.

Last week, we had a day where we didn't leave the house, get dressed or do anything adventurous. My husband was out of town, there were several sleepless nights with a sick doggo and I couldn't find the energy to do much of anything that day.

When bedtime rolled around I started feeling the guilt creep in and worried that my kids must feel cooped up and frustrated. While cuddling my oldest before she went to sleep, I asked, "did you have a good day today?” I braced myself for the answer - a child’s honesty can be brutal.

"Are you kidding,” my daughter answered, “it was the best day ever!" I was shocked and asked her to tell me why. She started listing off all the things she got to do at home and ended by saying, “I loved spending the day with you, mommy” while giving me a big hug.

I share this (while my eyes well up with tears at the memory) as a reminder that so often our point of view is drastically different from our kiddos. We don't need big elaborate outings or a five-course meal to make our kids feel loved. You can be a great parent at an adventure park or at home in pajamas.

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