Are crafts and 3-course meals the definition of a good parent?

Can you still be a good parent if you don't make homemade meals, do crafts or take your kids on amazing adventures? YES.

You’ve heard it before:

“Stacy does such amazing crafts with her kids, she’s an amazing mom.”

“Sara is such a hands on mom and her house is always spotless.”

“Carlie bakes the most amazing snacks - her kids are so lucky, she’s a great mom”

While these things are all amazing (and kudos to the parents with the clean houses and delicious, healthy snacks!), do they really define a good parent?

Parents today are inundated with information on how to best raise our kids. From limits on screen time to family dinners, new information comes out daily. And as parents, we are simply overwhelmed.

Instead of focusing on the clean house, the meals, how much screen time someone allows, let’s focus on the love we give our kids.

Is my house always spotless? No. I’m typing this while sitting on top of a pile of laundry that has been out for three days. Do I love my kids fiercely and let them know that through cuddles, laughs and our time together? Yes.

It’s time we ditch the guilt around doing what we need to get through the day and stop focusing on what others think makes a good parent.

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